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Eric was born the only child of seven, and was originally predestined to be a syndicated cartoonist by God almighty whom, as such, saw fit to deny Eric any inherent musical talent whatsoever. As puberty set in, Eric enviously watched old newsreels of young girls breaking through German police barricades to touch the Beatles, and noticed that his syndicated cartoonist heroes seemed to require no barriers at all. So Eric acquired (through questionable means) a bass guitar in hopes of hiding behind a barrier one day.  

Lacking any talent, Eric was forced to learn music through math, making such groundbreaking discoveries such as pentatonic scales were actually shaped like trapezoids.  This gave Eric the blues, which coincidentally heavily utilized those trapezoidal pentatonic scales, and this allowed Eric to fraudulently feign musical brilliance.

Somehow this worked and Eric has been extraordinarily busy in the music industry for over 30 years, and somehow even manages to pay his mortgage doing musical things.  When there's money left over, Eric spends it on G&L basses and Ashdown amplifiers.  Ha!  That's not true.  There's never any money left over.  Eric is in debt up to his earholes.

Eric joined Relish in 2015 and now knows hundreds of songs.  He doesn't know hundreds more.

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